The Tutoring Terminal

700 Overlook Drive

Winter Haven, FL 33884

(863) 226-4000

Owner/Operator: Rebekah Ricks

Tutoring Director: Myra Cruz, ext. 615

Office hours: 9:00-6:00, Monday through Thursday

(Summer hours: 9:00-1:00, M-Th)


What ages & levels does The Tutoring Terminal tutor?

At The Tutoring Terminal we tutor all ages and levels – from kindergarten to adult in a variety of subjects.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are an hour in length.

How can I make payments?

Payments can be made in the office with check, cash, or credit card. All sessions are paid for in advance and then scheduled with a tutor. Payments can be made on a monthly basis.

How much does tutoring cost?

Tutoring is charged per hour. It is as follows:

  • Per hour normal tutoring – $40
  • Per hour advanced tutoring – $60
  • One time tutoring – $60 per hour
When is tutoring offered?

Tutoring is offered by appointment only. We offer sessions from Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 6:30pm.

What material does The Tutoring Terminal use for their tutoring sessions?

We highly recommend that your child bring home their school books or any other materials they are working on in their classes that relates to the subjects we are tutoring. In most cases, our tutors will provide materials that complements what your child is learning. We will help you attain materials from your child’s school, if necessary, or direct you to several resources where you can purchase the appropriate books, etc. For SAT, ACT, and most test prep, our tutors have their own curriculum that they follow.

Are there a minimum number of sessions to which I need to commit?

Yes, four sessions are the minimum number required. Occasionally, there are situations where only one session is needed and we are happy to help. For the best results, we strongly suggest that your child attend two sessions a week for six weeks.

How long do I have to wait to get a tutor assigned to my child?

After you meet with the administrator, you will be paired with a tutor within 48 hours. The tutoring director will give you a call to commence scheduling.

Do you tutor students in college?

Yes, we have tutors who are very capable of tutoring college level courses.

Will my child be tutored with other children?

No. All of our sessions are one-on-one, unless specifically asked for by the parent.

How do I get started?

Call 863-226-4000 to schedule a free consultation. There is no obligation whatsoever! We will discuss your child’s academic needs and how we can help. If you decide to continue, an assessment of your child will be scheduled.

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